[pp.int.general] This mailing list is a limited and fragile resource

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Mon May 26 21:14:04 CEST 2014

I second that and add:
We all know, that a troll is on this list.
Some of you say: "Tolerate him because of freedom of speech" or "you can block him for your own, if you want."
But this doesn't solve the problem and the problem has a destructive impact on our working processes.
For instance, in the last week before elections I had a sensible working pad to share with you in order to
work coordinated and international in it on a very effective approach to push us forward in our election campaign.
Thinking of what that troll would do, if he got the link to the pad I decided not to share this link via this mailing list,
but to keep it for me and work in it alone.
Are circumstances like that worth it to tolerate a troll on a mailing list ? I don't think so.

/ aka Oliver

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Betreff: [pp.int.general] This mailing list is a limited and fragile resource

> If this mailing list was a river then everybody would agree that we
> cannot let anyone flow anything he wishes into it, no questions asked.
> But in the case of a communication channel like this list there is a
> tendency to think that because the technical bandwidth of it is so
> much bigger than we use now - then there is no need to limit the usage
> in any way. But the mailing list is useful only as much as people read
> the mails that are sent to it - and the amount of time people can
> spend on reading is limited.
> Without any rules this mailing list is wasted by trolls and flamewars
> just like a river would be wasted by pollution if we had no rules
> about that.
> In this community there is an aversion to moderating of mailig lists
> because of the fear of censorship - but even having an automatic rule
> like 'one person can post only once a day to this mailing list' would
> improve dramatically the situation on this mailing list. Would that be
> censorship? And this is just one example - if we are serious about
> 'doing politics', about designing rules that govern our societies -
> then we should first design rules to govern our mailing list - rules
> that would avoid the censorship accusations and that would maintain a
> high signal to noise ratio.
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