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Mon Feb 9 15:17:32 CET 2015

I don't usually sound off on these discussions, but in this case I felt the
need to say something.

One of the primary issues in this entire fucked up ball of censorship is
not simply whether or not censorship is directly happening, it's also a
matter of understanding that self-censorship is still censorship. That
being said, there's a big difference between trying to establish
regulations that ease the current grip on the free flow of information and
those which further tighten the stranglehold that the MAFIAA has over the
people. In the political game, the end game is more important than the
intervening plays.

And it is a game. It's a game with the stakes of life and death over
freedom of expression. They want to be able to say I can't type a word that
they own, unless I pay them tribute. And they want to create a world in
which they hold all the ropes of slavery over everyone else. This
antiquated view was great when slavery was all the rage, back in the early
days of the Industrial Revolution. But we've grown past that now. At least,
some of us have.

This is very much an issue of Industrial Age thinking versus Information
Age thinking. We can't simply point the finger of blame at one MEP for
failure, because that's the old Industrial way of thinking. Instead, we
have to promote the idea that it's the failure of others (MEPs, citizenry,
etc., based on whatever will be most effective) to support this MEP in her
crusade and generate support.

The Industrial way is one of taking from others. It's the medieval form of
piracy, which results in slavery, death, and robbery. This isn't what we're

The Information Age is one of giving to others. It's the modern form of
piracy, which results in openness, livelihood and generosity. This is
precisely what we're about, and always have been.

We need to learn to given and appear vulnerable to attack, drawing in the
weakness of our opposition as they send in their weakest ships to take us
down. This means being generous and giving, rather than trying to reclaim
or take back. We have to show a tendency to have the backs of the very
people who will benefit from our activities. In my incompetence, I
prevented this from happening 7 years ago when I was involved in the USA.

But I've learned through some lateral involvement with the regime that
their intent is in fact control. And the only way to defeat control is with
compassion. When others feel that we have their backs, they will have ours.
That's the way it actually works. Criticizing anyone at this point in time
(including the MAFIAA) will only serve to erode whatever power we have. We
have to spare our criticisms for when they will have an impact.

And then, when we make a criticism, it will be shocking. That kind of a
shock will create more publicity than a thousand criticisms that have poor
timing. We need to trust our politicians and create the impression that
ours are the only ones who are worthy of trust. And when they're forced to
make poor choices and bad moves, we should be understanding and critical of
the lacking support for this right thing that they wanted to do, rather
than critical of the wrong thing they did.

Building up through compassion and generosity will have a greater impact, I
think. Destroying is destroying, and anyone can do that.

Just my two cents' worth.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 5:34 AM, Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com>

> Not only just more of such people... we need to make sure they never lose
> the majority within each Pirate Party and inside of any of its
> (semi)independent organisations.
> It is the only way to reverse the advance into an #IDIOCRAZY incompatible
> with basic pirate values... and the survival of enlightenment.
> > Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2015 13:16:20 +0100
> > From: lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
> > To: pp.international.general at lists.pirateweb.net
> > Subject: Re: [pp.int.general] Pirate Party MEP Fails to Deliver True
> Copyright Reform | TorrentFreak
> >
> > On Mon, Feb 09, 2015 at 09:18:09AM +0000, michael john sinclair wrote:
> > > Hmm a Pirat sujesting censorship.We sail pirateships not censorships.
> >
> > Bullshit. Saying that you are supposed to discuss in the appropriate
> > place and in a fair manner compared to all other Pirates is not
> > censorship. It is INTRODUCING FAIRNESS in the Pirate discourse.
> >
> > Calling any form of civilized behaviour "censorship" is the
> > logical fallacy that has been toppling the Pirate movement
> > time and time again.
> >
> > > >> As far as telling people that they're not allowed to criticize
> > > >> each other: badness.
> > > > Don't say things that aren't written there. Read carefully.
> > >
> > > On 27-1-2015 14:18, carlo von lynX wrote:
> > > > It may seem way too late now, but I would propose to create the
> > > > necessary decisional platform for the Pirate Movement to
> > > > collectively pass a regulation for ALL Pirate Parties to **forbid
> > > > individuals from criticizing Pirate representatives via the public
> > > > media** UNLESS there has been a legitimate collective process that
> > > > comes to the conclusion that parliamentary XY has been acting
> > > > outside the Pirate consensus.
> >
> > Do you understand "VIA THE PUBLIC MEDIA" ?
> >
> > Do you understand that freedom of expression allows you to say
> > you are homophobic or racist.. but that is likely to no longer
> > find acceptance in the Pirate movement. So you have a constitutional
> > right of freedom of expression, but it doesn't mean you can exercise
> > it within the pirate party, because then you are an a**hole.
> >
> > Same goes for the right to criticize people within the movement.
> > You have a constitutional right to do it using unfair means, but
> > that doesn't mean we have to like you and keep you as a member in
> > the movement.
> >
> > I think this type of superficial populism that has been exposed
> > by the recent postings on this list is a serious threat to the
> > future of the Pirate movement. We need more people who are
> > rationally advanced enough to understand the mistakes in logic.
> >
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