[pp.int.general] Don't you think we should stand up and actually do something?

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Thu Mar 5 13:36:09 CET 2015

your suspicions about the future, were already fulfilled Chile,
an example, the average monthly income is much higher than you earn the most,
since there is a 3% to 5% of people who are billionaires, which distorts the
statistics, GDP is high but inequality is to where advances Germany, if nothing
is done.

I agree that we must raise an international campaign. to stop TTIP, CETA and

Not to mention media monopolies and the scandals of recent months
  by collusion of ¿entrepreneurs? and political

2015-03-05 7:43 GMT-03:00 <hyazinthe at emailn.de>:

> Hi folks,
> when I was thinking of the mumble meeting regarding the copyright reform,
> which will take place today evening, the following thought
> crossed my mind:
> There is so much bullshit going on right now:
> • The EUdataP is being turned into nothing less but the abolishment of
> data protection
> • The pro netneutrality draft of the EU parliament of last spring is being
> turned into a door opener for a 2-class-internet
> • The pre drafts to a EU copyright reform, which aim at making copyright
> socially balanced and up-to-date, are being turned into copyright
> tightening laws like ACTA was
> • The EU keeps heading for TTIP, CETA and TiSA, which will lever out our
> democracy, undermine basic rights and in the midterm unavoidably will lead
> to lowering of our social standards
> • The surveillance scandal is being kept untouched
> • No social answers from politics on the automatization of our working
> world fueled by the 2 mega trends robotics and artificial intelligence,
> which is said to abolish 50 % of the jobs in the world until 2025
> • The gap between rich and poor is widening to such an extrem extent, that
> now for instance – there are other examples – the richest 1% of people in
> Germany own 33% of capital of Germany – a clear consequence of the current
> structural status quo/regulatory framework – counter moves from politics ?
> Nothing !
> • etc.
> ... actually it's kind a pointless to pick up one single issue;
> actually we should stand up against all of that and do 1 international
> demo day against all of that bullshit. Maybe with encores/repititions.
> And we could name the demos "future" demos. Slogan: "stop selling our
> future", "people before profits".
> Because this is, what's going on. Corruption in form of a lot of
> parlamentarians are selling our future.
> This counter move could be flanked with a web site and flyers
> communicating the aforementioned sell outs and demand political U-turns.
> Keep in mind that currently because of the same reason the anonymous
> network is also vitalising and worried...
> Another thought:
> We as the european pirates can't disappear and every 5 years suddenly
> appear 3 months before EU elections and say "vote for us!",
> Well, we can, but than we don't need to wonder, that noone knows us.
> Currently key decision on our core topics are being made in the
> worst thinkable way. Why can't afford to be that quiet !
> Who's with me?
> Greetings,
> Tobias Lechner
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