[pp.int.general] Don't you think we should stand up and actually do something?

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On 03/05/15 11:43, hyazinthe at emailn.de wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Another thought:
> We as the european pirates can't disappear and every 5 years suddenly appear 3 months before EU elections and say "vote for us!",
> Well, we can, but than we don't need to wonder, that noone knows us. Currently key decision on our core topics are being made in the
> worst thinkable way. Why can't afford to be that quiet !
> Who's with me?

Sure, I see your point. I think your actions to call MEPs and write them
e-mails are great! More Pirates should do this locally, and perhaps as
social events!!! :-)

I have sketched postcards that can be sent to MEPs to remind them of the
copyright consultation. Think Amnesty-style. This is easier for those
pirates that have some form of common money to use.

Another idea I had, although this is practically more difficult and much
more demanding in resources of time and money, is to match geographical
origin of consultation responses with the nationality of MEPs, and then
simply transmit one citizen response to question 80 (the open-ended
question, where most citizens have provided short essays detailing their
relationship to copyright at large) to every MEP per day. For the German
responses alone, this would take three years(!) but for some of the
smaller member states it would take less than a month (although not much
less than a month :P).

One issue which needs to be dealt with in Germany is telecoms
competition: how to get municipalities involved in a competitive
telecoms strategy for the entire country. This is more or less happening
in some smaller municipalities in northern Germany. BUGLAS is the
national organisation for locally owned infrastructure. Austria shares
similar developments, with rural communities being increasingly agitated
that only the incumbents benefit from anti-competitive policies and at
the expense of citizen wellfare. I was thinking local petition,
targetting local politicians requesting them to be competitive - I've
tried this in Sweden, and the support for competitive markets and free
choice is over-whelming here, and the ears of housing associations in
equal measure deaf. I'll report back in a few months when I can more
accurately assess the outcome.

best regards,


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