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Gregory Engels Gregory.Engels at piratenpartei-hessen.de
Sat Mar 7 15:05:03 CET 2015

Thomas, we are knowing that PP-AU has quit. One alternative that I also proposed was to ask the CoA to expel PP-AU following its own wish. This have not found a majority and is fine with me. 
But you seem not to realize that we have nearly 800 pirates elected into public offices around the world, so some parties are not at all "a long way from being elected" but are actually close to being in power. We also have several pirates that are participate in ruling coalitions in their cities. Including the pirate Mayor of Marianske Lazne (in the Czech Republic).

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> On 07.03.2015, at 13:41, Thomas Goorden - Piratenpartij <thomas at pirateparty.be> wrote:
> With this sort of stuff going on, we are still a long way from being elected

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