[pp.int.general] Conflict of interest between national parties and PPI

thijs.markus at piratenpartij.nl thijs.markus at piratenpartij.nl
Sat Mar 7 21:08:30 CET 2015

Is it truely unneccesary now Zby?

Take for example this motion:

put forward by PPDE.

This motion is to the best of my knowledge and a look on the german 
website, not a part of PPDE program, or even considered relevant in 
their public outings. I might not have googled thoroughly enough, but 
aside from a wiki discussiion I didn't find much.

I dont see the international community calling out for a broad 
discussion on the standing of alternative medicine either. I see the 
concerns being raised are of a decidingly different nature.

This looks a lot like classic policy laundry by diplomats. It's how we 
get nice treaties like TTIP: Tell your own country you represent the 
wishes of the 'international community' (your circle of friends who hold 
a similar position in their own countries). Tell the international 
community you represent your country (the people who you've manouvered 
yourself in a position to represent, on paper).  Classic man in the 
middle position. Even this semblance should be sufficient reason to 
seperate the two functions. Remember how CEEP carried a lot of things 
not previously supported by any particular party?

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