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Maybe you should start really sorting out WHICH ideas are REALLY the pirate ones, and which, however reasonable or even not... are NOT.

Fucking own Statutes, Rules of Procedure, and any previous agreement without due process... can NEVER be Pirate.

Deciding that whatever you want, or whatever majority wants, at any time, is what has to be... is not very piratey.

Direct democracy... may be pirate... if the majority behaves intelligently, otherwise it is what we have NOW... mob rule.

It is very hard to UNDO stupid errors... if you have unorganized yourself to the point that you commit 5 new ones before you solve any at all.

And looking at the situation and deciding to be bastardly pragmatic (yes, I mean you, the few... how did @Thomas1G call them recently, ah, yeah, "profis") is sadly NO PIRATE SOLUTION.

Pirates is just an IDIOCRACY run by a few ruthless bastards, helped by a lot of ignorant idiots.

I would have forked it... if only I had found enough people worth the try.


> Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:20:42 +0100
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> Subject: [pp.int.general] Cooperation with NGOs
> Computer Chaos Club
> Quadrature du Net
> ISOC (not everywhere - but for example in Poland ISOC has very close
> ideas to us and I am a member of it)
> And many others.
> These are organisations that have mostly the same goals as we do - but
> they prefer different ways of reaching them. They are often very
> successful in that and have respect of the mainstream media.
> How is your relationship with them?
> What I observe in Poland is that sometimes it is indeed very difficult
> to meet their high standards. But all the criticism we have received
> from them was deserved.
> I find it very troubling when I hear that this or that NGO activist is
> critical about pirates. I think it is a reality check - if we cannot
> win trust from the people that have the same goals and ideas as us -
> then how can we dream about winning trust from the voters?
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