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The TTIP is something that the US has only minimal interest in. There's no
impact on US-based politics, so it's difficult to get any leverage to
oppose it here. Add that to the blatant corruption of our Congress and
other government organizations, and you can see why many of us are
considering it a lost cause here.

However, I will say one thing: the PP's activities have thoroughly brought
the corruption into the spotlight, and that's something that was very much
necessary. It feels like a losing battle, and for the moment it is, but in
the long term there will be consequences that I think they will not be able
to control.

And I can't go further without donning my tinfoil hat. Oh, what the hell,
I'll put it on for a couple of paragraphs.

All of this comes back to freedom of expression and attempting to erode
free speech through using only the worst parts of it, which will then be
used as justification for further limiting expression and the free flow of
information. At a point, people will be so fed up with it that they'll
welcome limitations on free speech and privacy, and at that point the only
solution possible is revolt.

There are also implications (no proof, mind you, but implied abstracts)
that the economic collapse is being engineered to go back to an
aristocratic model. And I hate sounding like I'm crazy, but the evidence is
there. It's just not solid enough to actually make any accusation.

The regime is solidly behind the Tea Party, because this divides the
Republicans into two camps: the sheep and the problems. If they can get rid
of the problems, then the sheep remain and they win.

Control of the news media is vital. But we don't have the resources to
compete with the multinational news corporations. Rupert Murdoch should be
added to our list of targets for that very reason... he's as much a part of
the problem as anyone in the MAFIAA.

Now, putting that tinfoil hat away, the real issue here is that the
channels of information are directly controlled by people whose best
interests are served by siding with the MAFIAA. And because they control
the channels of information, Congress's corruption is compounded by
ignorance and misinformation. Our attempts at educating them at all are met
with well-placed news articles that use the very tactics I've suggested in
the other thread about the TF article on the MEP.

I left the PPUS because it's impossible to get anything done here, so long
as there's a perception that modern piracy is in any way wrong. We have a
massive battle to undertake, and the real issue is that the only way it can
work in the USA is if the people here feel the effect and can trace it
directly back. If the news media allows that.

So even if the TTIP would have broad implications for our population, it
has to hurt before they'll even pay attention.

I hope that answers your question... it's a very complex situation.

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> What Do you guys in the US think  about TTIP with Europe? Is there am
> movement to control this?
> I’m not aware of any attempt to seed US-Copyright over here.
> Regards
> Thomas
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